Q: What is Better Naito?

  • In short, it’s a better way for all Oregonians to get to and around the Waterfront during Portland’s busy summer festival season. Starting Tuesday, July 21 at 6 pm and lasting through Monday, July 27 at 6 pm, the four-lane SW Naito Parkway will have three travel lanes, plus a lane of open space for the public to walk and bike safely to the festival. The pilot project will open nearly a mile of street, 15 feet wide, to public use, from SW Salmon Street to SW Ankeny Street on weekdays and from SW Salmon Street to SW Ash Street on the weekend. Bicycles will be able to travel in both directions of the public space.

Q: Where do I park for the Oregon Brewers Festival?

  • The Festival will have an on-site bike corral where you can park your bike for free – enter the festival on the northeast side of the park, along the seawall. Alternatively, the MAX line drops off only one block from the festival at SW First and Oak Street. There are also a number of affordable and convenient SmartPark parking garages located downtown.


Q: How do I get to my job/downtown during the Rose Festival? What about traffic? Won’t it be bad?

  • Hopefully, not much will change! Downtown workers and residents are used to some disruption during Festivals every year. This year, Better Naito (#BetterNaito) is going to err on the side of public safety and create a vibrant atmosphere for all Oregonians to enjoy the waterfront.
  • Signage will be placed at southern traffic feeders into Naito and give ample time for drivers to choose alternate entrances into downtown (i.e. continuing down Barbur Boulevard to Fourth Avenue, instead of entering at Naito Parkway)
  • Southbound lanes on Naito Parkway are an important feeder to I-5 South and they will not change.
  • Northbound vehicles going to I-5 will have the Morrison Bridge on ramp from Naito and the queueing lines will not be changed by the pilot project.
  • Northbound vehicles also have many options to turn – SW Clay, SW Jefferson, SW Harrison.


Q: Can I take the Max? Bus?

  • What a great idea!
  • The Skidmore Fountain, Oak/SW 1st Ave, and Yamhill District Max stations on the Red and Blue lines get you up close to the Better Naito project and the Festival.
  • To take the bus, or to get personalized directions to the Festival, visit Trimet’s Trip Planner.


Q: Is this safe?

  • During Festival season, people visiting Tom McCall Waterfront Park are often forced directly into traffic on Naito Parkway. For example, here is BikePortland’s coverage of the Cinco de Mayo Festival earlier this year. The Better Naito pilot project offers people walking and on bikes a protected space, instead of mixing people, bikes, and cars in the street.


Q: Who else is involved?

  • Better Naito is a collaboration between Better Block PDX, Better Block PSU, PBOT, and Commissioner Steve Novick’s office.
  • Sponsors of Better Naito include People for Bikes, Clif Bar, PSU, Metro, AARP, Oregon Walks, TREC, the Oregon Brewers Festival, The Big Float, Human Access Project and more.
  • PBOT will be analyzing the traffic data gathered by field observations from volunteers as well as Bluetooth, video, and manual counts.
  • Hopefully, YOU! Volunteer to sign up! Click here to volunteer or get updates on Better Naito!


Q: How can I help?

  • Sign up to Volunteer here!
  • Visit us on Facebook  and Twitter
  • Let us know your thoughts by using the hashtag #BetterNaito, or emailing us at betterblockpdx@gmail.com


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