Better Broadway – Thank You

Thank you to everyone who made Better Broadway possible! For the first time in over 70 years people were able to experience a different vision for NE Broadway.

We heard a lot of feedback from people about the experiment, both in support of safer crossings and other pedestrian improvements and with concerns about the impacts of possible slower car traffic and confusion about car parking. We thank everyone who shared their thoughts with us.  After hearing feedback, we scaled down the project and clarified parking. We will be looking at the data the city collected as well as our survey results and will produce and share a report in the next several months.

We welcome volunteers to help us make this report and continue outreach – contact us at to get involved. Our original outreach involved hand delivering flyers 3 separate times as well as emails through the NE Broadway Business Association, surrounding neighborhood associations, newsletters, and flyers on telephone poles. Any ideas on how we can improve this outreach are appreciated.

To participate in the survey go to the Better Block PDX website here:
To share your pictures or videos with project team visit:
The future of NE Broadway has always been in the hands of those who use it. How our streets work impacts what kind of activities can occur in and around them. As our communities and expectations of our city change it is important to keep an open mind about what our streets should look like. We hope that we have inspired people that change is always possible.

Thank you all for the opportunity to build a better Broadway. We especially appreciate all the businesses who have supported this project. From expanding beyond your doors to financial support, the passion of the businesses on Broadway inspired all of us. Below are some pictures of the last week.


Better Block PDX – NE Broadway Team

Last Day of Better Broadway!

Today is the last day to enjoy Better Broadway! Check out the Taste of Broadway Menu for inspiration:

And please share your thoughts on the project by taking our survey:

After you soak in the atmosphere, please help us with takedown and cleanup starting at 6pm Tonight (Sunday May 15) outside Aztec Willie’s at Broadway/15th.

Facebook Event:

Better NE Broadway Menu

Better Block volunteers have spent a LOT of time with businesses on NE Broadway over the past few months.  In recognition of a great place to work and live, and in gratitude for the time and energy the owners and employees put into building community, we have put together a local menu of our favorite culinary options.  If you have an additional recommendation, let us know at Bon appetite – Broadway style!

Taste of Broadway


Photo credit: Ben L. on

#BetterNaito Community Leaders


Better Block PDX is grateful for the incredible support from our local Portland community, both from it’s residents, leaders and institutions. As our city continues in growth we feel empowered to shape it’s future and encourage your participation in setting a leading example for public engagement in urban design innovation.

Better Naito is our first project to see its second season. This years flame is carried forth by the summer festivals, who value your safety and patronage. Thank you!