UmbrellaIn the tradition of the Better Block Project, the newly formed open source Better Block PDX has come together to create inviting and interactive places that challenge the notion that streets are only for cars. Join us as we gather people to experience their city in attractive, engaging new ways long thought impossible.

Read more about us in The Portland Mercury.


In 2015, Better Block PDX was awarded the Bicycle Transportation Alliance Alice Award for “building momentum for the next twenty-five years”.

“The work Better Block PDX does paves the way for innovation. It shows people what is possible and instills a thirst for more. The project paved the way for immediate and long-term traffic safety improvements. It allowed the neighborhood to reach a consensus of the type of future they wanted to see and it established a basis for beginning that trajectory… Better Block PDX highlights the importance of collaboration. Building a world-class city with outstanding bicycle infrastructure will require partnerships with stakeholders from government, non-profits, media, businesses, and neighbors.”


In 2014, Better Block PDX was awarded the Oregon Walks Weston Award for making Portland streets safer.

“Cities around the U.S. are looking for tools to help redevelop communities that enable multi-modal transportation while increasing economic development, and reducing carbon emissions. The “Better Block” project is a demonstration tool that acts as a living charrette so that communities can actively engage in the buildout process and provide feedback in real time, and is happening all around the country.”

As of now, our core group consists of the following Portland urbanists:

Donate to our future projects!  A new window will open to Paypal

Ben Chaney | @benchaney

Kari Schlosshauer | @galavantista

Yelena Prusakova | @yesthatmountain

Kirk Paulsen | @PedalPortland

Amy Subach | @amysue

Ryan Hashagen

Sean Pliska

Joel Meulemans

Timur Ender

Kate Petak

Boris Kaganovich | @K6III

Melissa Kaganovich | @hangingbyastrap

Jon Winslow | @pdxcityscape

Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman | THINK.urban | @think_katrina




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