Better Naito – Summer 2016

In case you had not heard the bigger and Better Naito news, here is a list of media coverage for Better Naito’s re-opening.  Have more to add to this list or want to get involved in this year’s cone deployment? Email us at

4/26 Bike Portland: City brings back “Better Naito” for three months starting in May

4/26 The Portland Mercury: Naito Parkway is Going to Get a LOT More People-Friendly for Three Months This Summer

4/26 Portland Business Journal: Naito Parkway to again close during Waterfront festival season

4/27 1190 KEX: Better Naito is Back in Portland for Three Months

4/27 KOIN 6: ‘Better Naito’ back, and better, says city

KATU: “Pedestrians are the priority”

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