#BetterNaito Community Leaders


Better Block PDX is grateful for the incredible support from our local Portland community, both from it’s residents, leaders and institutions. As our city continues in growth we feel empowered to shape it’s future and encourage your participation in setting a leading example for public engagement in urban design innovation.

Better Naito is our first project to see its second season. This years flame is carried forth by the summer festivals, who value your safety and patronage. Thank you!

Better Naito Bike Count


Throughout Better Naito, the Portland Bureau of Transportation gathered data by field observations from volunteers as well as Bluetooth, video, and manual counts.

971 people used the #BetterNaito hashtag to voice their opinion publicly. This live feedback was groundbreaking in monitoring the success and use of our bicycle and pedestrian lane.

In addition, we gathered numbers with tube counters. Below, changes in commute pattern represent the amount of cyclists channeled away from pedestrian areas in the Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.16.51 AM

AM Peak  16.8%
PM Peak  31.5%

“Without BN” counts – Wed/Thurs, July 15th and 16th
“With BN” counts – Wed/Thurs, July 22nd and 23rd
The number of cyclists is the average of the two days for each set of numbers (with and without BN). Counts are taken from the tube counters located at SW Naito and Salmon Ave.

Better Blocks @ Hatch Soup

Better Block PDX was chosen among 5 finalists to present at the Hatch Soup IV micro-grant fundraiser on August 30th. Better Block PDX will pitch an outdoor seating “Parklet Kit” used by communities during temporary roadway and plaza installations.

Tickets are available at HatchOregon.org. You may know Hatch (formerly Springboard Innovation) as the organization responsible with passing this years Community Public Offering Law, a type of crowd-funding for small business.

Marrow, Auzoud, Spare Change PDX, and Member’s Media are the other fine organizations drinking soup with us at the event.

Better Block PDX creates street re-imagination pilot projects that re-purpose the public right of way to include people as part of the engineering equation. Experiencing the city in attractive, engaging new ways has prompted momentum for urban livability improvements from city and community stakeholders.